Monday, 14 January 2013

Polyvore Style Ask/Advice Section is Shutting Down

Hello girls,

Polyvore just announced through their blog ( they are shutting down their Style Advice/Ask section as of this month. A lot of Polyvore users are expressing discontent with their decision on the comment section of above blog post (100+).

The Polyvore management team will have expected some resistance from their users against their decision to shut down the Ask section, but from the way they put it in their post they make it pretty clear that there is no going back. Many users are saying that they will stop using Polyvore and delete their accounts as well. But will this be a set back for Polyvore? Probably not. 

Polyvore is doing very well business-wise and recently posted that they have exceeded 20 million unique visitors per month. The growth of Polyvore is impressive, as can be seen below. 

So where will the users who have been left out go from here? Polyvore suggested sites like Yahoo! Answers or Quora but neither really provide a platform dedicated for fashion. Gotryiton used to offer similar services where users were able to provide fashion advice but they've recently moved to more of an instagram kind of an app. 

Could this be an opportunity for Wear With? Stay tuned! ;-)


Friday, 11 January 2013

Modcloth Voucher Contest Progress

Hi girls,

We received a wonderful feedback from our user Lisa, and we got so excited that we had to share it with you. ;-)

She said (about Wear With):

Fantastic idea, this is exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for. When I'm trying to find something to wear with a quirky piece of clothing I have, I'm always asking "What can I wear with this?"

A search engine that can answer my question quickly without having to resort to waiting for other people to respond is ideal. Especially if you're going to leave in an hours time and then you receive a perfect response long after you have left your house can be annoying.

I would love to understand how this search engine works in more detail. Ideally I would want to type something in like "red skirt" and outfits would appear that the person was wearing a red skirt. However I wouldn't know what lengths you would have to go to in order for something like this to be possible. Perhaps being able to tag images with things like "red skirt" for example would help people find outfit ideas. Maybe a dropdown menu featuring colour+clothing item would prevent spammy tags. Just an idea.

She was spot on. That is exactly the kind of problem we wanted to solve. Often us girls get stressed out thinking about what to wear with something, and it isn't always easy. 

Lisa is now in the draw to win the $50 Modcloth voucher. Now it's your turn! ;-)


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hi Girls!

We are running our very first contest for Wear With.

All you have to do is:

1. Like our Facebook page at;

2. Answer the question that appears on our Facebook page;

3. Leave a comment or feedback in our feedback section at

And you will go into a draw to win a $50 voucher from Modcloth.

Winner will be announced in February. 


Monday, 7 January 2013

Wear With is online!

Hi all, 

We are super excited to be writing our first post for Wear With!

Wear With is a website that we are currently developing. And guess what, we just deployed our alpha version online - yipee!!! You can see it in action at

Oh, by the way, Wear With is a search engine for fashion. It's still early days, but we hope to introduce lots of goodies in due course, so stay tuned!!! :-)